We specialise in providing our clients with simple formwork systems utilising all aluminium components. Our formwork options are available for both hire and purchase.


Please note that we are currently in our stages of testing the Aluminium Suspended Wall and Slab System, Aluminium Props and Trenches to ensure that they meet the Australian Standards. However, feel free to send in plans that you require any of our services for and we will be able to provide a quote and a timeframe.

Al-Edge Aluminium Formwork System

The Al-Edge System is a lightweight, reusable aluminium formwork system, designed to reduce manpower and costs for installation. With over 30 years experience in civil engineering, Winterlong Project Services designed the Al-Edge Formwork System in partnership with Hyundai Aluminium Co, as a way of bringing an advanced innovation that is efficient and economical. Aluminium is durable and environmentally friendly, making it the ideal replacement for traditional timber systems. We strive to deliver our clients with the capability to reduce costs on manpower and time within their developments while assisting with the impact on-site wastage has on the environment.


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