What is AL-EDGE?

Aluminium Formwork System

The Al-Edge Aluminium Formwork system has been designed here in Australia in partnership with Hyundai Aluminum Co Ltd.

The system is distinguishable by its simplicity in assembly and lightweight for handling compared to timber formwork.

Our mission is to provide for all slab on ground formwork requirements, utilising 100% of our aluminium components to suit your needs.

By using Al-Edge’s Aluminium Formwork System, the need for lifting machinery is greatly reduced. This is due to the ultra-light-weight and simplistic design. Because of this simplicity and light-weight material, the system can be easily and safely installed, with no more than two people required. This not only saves on labour costs but also saves time, with assembly and disassembly able to be completed in less than a working day.

All the components are durable and 100% reusable, with no timber required and no waste bins for our part in your project. The aluminium formwork system has a life cycle of up to 300 uses, without losing any of its quality. Once again, reducing the impact costs and eliminating wastage.





Environmentally Friendly

Benefits of our Aluminium Formwork System:

• Economically advantageous

• Lightweight

• Reduces the wastage & environmental impact on-site — no need for big waste bins

• High-performance rate due to its aluminium material, the Al-edge formwork system is not only efficient, it can be used multiple times, making the system an investment

• Assembly is easily handled with all components provided specifically for the requirements of each site.

• Easily stored, maintained and transportable

• All accessories and connections are supplied as part of the system

• Full support from the Al-Edge team for any queries you might have

View our Aluminium Formwork System in action below!

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